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CodeBase File Utility (CBFiler) Advanced Edition

CBFiler Advanced Edition by Sandage and Associates is a general-purpose utility program that allows you to create, modify, print, and maintain xBASE data files that are compatible with CodeBase and the CodeBase Components. The program itself was written with these tools so that you may be assured of 100% compatibility between files created with this utility and files used in applications that you create. You can even share files concurrently in either a multi-user or Client/Server fashion. 

Take this program to your client-site to perform database maintenance tasks, or edit data on-the-fly. Use it as a diagnostic tool to view file status information such as record count, field contents, tag keys, and more. Once you use this program, you will wonder how you ever developed CodeBase applications without it. 

New Features in CBFiler Advanced Edition:

The program has been revised to work with a "Multi-Document (MDI) Interface". This allows you to view multiple tables simultaneously in separate windows.
You may even view files of different xBASE formats. For example, you can open a Clipper file in one window, a FoxPro file in another, a dBASE IV file in a third, etc. Even mix database models between the various open windows.
Using the expanded import and export facilities, you can convert between any of the xBASE file formats supported by CodeBase -- even export to Excel's ".XLS" format if you wish.
Create multi-file queries using the new "Dynamic Query Dataset", enabling you to create a virtual table structure based upon an xBASE relational query and filter.
Print tabular reports or mailing labels based upon a single table, or this new query model.
Preview the file's header before opening it. This will help in determining the xBASE version of unknown files and detect xBASE file problems and corruption.

Included Features:

Program features are accessible through the use of a Menu, Toolbar, or Command Interface (similar to the "Dot Prompt"). 
Visually browse and edit multiple files simultaneously in customizable data grids. Configurable column properties include Title, Order, Visibility, etc.
Create or modify table and index structure through a visual dialog or a multi-file structure script.
Query your database based upon a single file, or with a multi-table relational query.
Print table or query contents in a pre-defined or custom format.
Print mailing labels based upon table or query data in a variety of AVERY label formats.
Works in single-user, multi-user, and client/server configurations.
Convert between the xBASE file formats supported by CodeBase.
And much more ...


Please note that CodeBase for Windows 6.5 or later is required for CBFiler Advanced Edition.

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