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for the Java™ Programming Language

CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language provides you with portable, high-speed data access for your applications developed using Java. Using one easy-to-use API, you can create Java database solutions for Windows, UNIX and other platforms.

CodeBase offers a simple API making it easy to get productive quickly. With its small disk and memory footprint, CodeBase is ideal for applets, embedded database applications and other situations where resources are limited. But don't let the small size fool you; CodeBase is very powerful and offers all the database functionality you need for large and small applications alike.

CodeBase is flexible. With it you can create single user, networked multi-user and client/server applications (requires a Win32 host for CodeBase server). You can choose to create pure Java client programs for maximum portability (client/server only), or create Java programs that use the CodeBase C++ library via the Java Native Interface (JNI) for maximum database speed.

CodeBase is also affordable, and offers royalty free distribution of standalone and client/server applications.

Provided Platform Support

When you order CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language, you receive one or more electronic-download distributions that contain support for a given platform, such as Windows, or UNIX. CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language includes distributions for all of the Intel-based platforms that we currently support. CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language - All Platform Version includes distributions for both the Intel and non-Intel platforms that we currently support.

CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language supports the following specific platforms:

  • Windows 7, Vista, 2008, 2003
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • SCO
  • HP-UX
  • 64-bit support is also included for users of the CodeBase for 64-bit Add-on.

In addition to the operating systems listed above, Sequiter is working on support for additional Unix platforms. Please inquire for further availability information.

Supported Programming Models

CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language supports two programming models, standalone (single/multi-user), and client/server. Client/Server support is available in the Windows version of CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language, while standalone support is included in all versions. Each model offers its own set of advantages for developing database applications, as discussed below.


The standalone versions of CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language offer single user and networked multi-user support for database applications. The standalone versions offer the following advantages:


The standalone version mixes a Java API for the front-end with compiled 'C++' libraries for the database back-end via JNI. Highly optimized for performance, these libraries provide the database elements of your application the speed of a compiled C++ application, versus the performance of interpreted Java byte code. This can have a big effect on the overall performance of your Java database applications.

Ease of Use

The standalone version relies on a single CodeBase library for all database functionality, making distribution simple, efficient and unobtrusive for your installation packages.


Because the standalone version relies on a shared-library version of CodeBase, applications can be ported to any platform on which the CodeBase C++ library can be compiled, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and all other UNIX systems.


CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language support has been tested with JNI under the following systems. If you would like to know about support for systems not listed here, send email to Info.

  • Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 9x
  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • SCO
  • HP-UX
  • Mac OS 9 and OS X
  • 64-bit support is also included for users of the CodeBase for 64-bit Add-on.

The client/server configuration of CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language provides programmers with portable client/server data access with the added benefit of an extremely small client-side footprint. For applications that are deployed over the Internet or other limited-bandwidth networks, this feature helps to make your applications useable and responsive. CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language client/server support, which is only available in the Windows version of CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language, provides the following advantages:


One of the main features of CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language client/server is the super-compact size of the CodeBase Java classes. The entire package weighs in at less than 50K! In addition, we include a function dependency chart which allows you to safely strip out any of our code your applet doesn't require; this keeps your downloadable code as small as possible, helping them download even faster!


Applications written with CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language client/server run against the CodeBase 32-bit database server residing on a Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, or NT Web server machine. The client/server model was chosen both for its natural suitability for Web activity as well as the fact that it helps keep the CodeBase Java classes very small—a potentially important feature to those accessing your web site applications.

The CodeBase client/server solution also offers a feature that you won't see anywhere else:

Unlimited Java client connections on the included CodeBase server, and 100% royalty-free distribution of clients applications!

This unprecedented license agreement means you never have to worry about how many client applications are accessing your server, a very important advantage for both Internet and Intranet development. Plus, you have unlimited distribution rights for client applications, allowing you to let as many users as you wish have access to your applications—all without ever having to pay a cent for extra connections! This type of offer is unheard of in the world of client/server, and it can save you and your end-users thousands of dollars! Plus, if you need to run multiple servers, CodeBase offers additional server licenses at a fraction of the cost of other client/server solutions.

For pricing on additional server licenses please refer to our Pricing & Ordering page. Keep in mind that the CodeBase server always allows unlimited connections for Java clients, so if your are ordering additional server licenses you only need to order the least expensive server upgrade (20-user) for your required number of distributions. For example, if you want to distribute one additional server for unlimited connections, you only have to order the one-install 20-user server. If you want royalty-free server distribution with unlimited connections, you only need to order the royalty-free 20-user server.


Client/Server computing can offer improved network performance, as the amount of data that travels between the client and server machine can be limited to only the data requested by the client, rather than the entire table.

Another advantage of the CodeBase client/server model for Internet/Intranet data solutions is that the client and server have a direct TCP/IP connection for communications. This translates into fast and efficient data transfer between client and server. Other solutions, such as static server-side data pages must carry the additional overhead of the HTTP communications layer required for the generation of web pages containing data results.

The TCP/IP connection also provides better networking performance than server-side data solutions, because communications performance is not affected in any way if the Web server is busy handling multiple requests.

Client Portability

Because the client portion of CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language client/server is pure Java code, you can port client applications to any operating system where a Java Virtual Machine exists for your client application. Today that includes virtually all operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and OS/2.

CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language - Classes

For detailed information on the Java classes that CodeBase supports, visit our CodeBase for Java - Classes page.


CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language is available in electronic download form only. Included are complete electronic documentation as well as the following components:

  • CodeBase Java Classes
  • Java Source Code
  • CodeBase standalone DLLs (for Windows) and/or Shared Libraries (For Unix)
  • On-line Reference in Sun's JAVADOC HTML format

Order CodeBase for the Java™ Programming Language today through our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee and start bringing real database functionality to all your Internet and Intranet applications.

Using CodeBase with JDBC

There are now two ways to use CodeBase with JDBC, allowing you to take advantage of the power of both CodeBase and SQL from your Java applications!

CodeBase for JDBC 2.1 allows your Java application to access data via our CodeBase database server. Written in Java, CodeBase for JDBC 2.1 can be used anywhere the Java Virtual Machine can run, including Java-enabled web browsers.

With the CodeBase SQL/ODBC Add-On, you have a second way to access the CodeBase engine from Java, using the JDBC-ODBC bridge. This offers you the ability to do standalone or client/server computing with CodeBase and Java. All of the features of CodeBase SQL/ODBC are available from JDBC.

For full technical information on CodeBase for JDBC 2.1, SQL/ODBC Add-ons, and pricing information, follow the links.

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