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for Delphi & Kylix

CodeBase is an award-winning, full-featured database engine offering extremely fast performance, very small disk/memory footprint requirements, easy portability, and royalty-free distribution.

Which Version of CodeBase should I use?

CodeBase for Windows contains support for Delphi, Visual Basic, and C/C++ developers, while CodeBase for Kylix was developed specifically for Kylix programmers developing under Linux operating systems.

CodeBase for Delphi Programmers



Delphi programmers who use the Borland Database Engine (BDE) for serious applications soon realize that it's just too big and slow to deliver the kind of performance they need. Developers often tell us that the BDE is fine when writing small applications that use small data files. But as soon as they try to write a serious application that deals with many large tables, the BDE crashes and burns! You'll never have that problem with the stable, high-performance CodeBase engine! Tables up to 4.2 million terabytes in size are supported.

CodeBase gives you that extra performance by providing a highly optimized set of routines that provide only the core functionality necessary to manipulate data files—there's no fat in the engine to slow down critical database operations. One developer described using CodeBase as "programming to the bare metal". Try it for yourself and you'll learn why serious database application developers always turn to CodeBase to deliver the stability and performance they need in their applications.

Client/Server & Royalty-Free Distribution

Client/Server database development is quickly becoming the preferred method of sharing data between multiple users. It provides better security and is more robust than traditional multi-user applications. It can also improve network performance by reducing network traffic. Plus, it's the only feasible model for developing distributed database applications on intranets or over the Internet.

Unfortunately, the client/server version of BDE costs $2995, plus you have to pay run-time royalties on top of the heavy price tag! So you could spend thousands of dollars to implement a client/server solution with BDE, or you could use CodeBase, which includes a royalty-free 10 concurrent-user client/server configuration absolutely free! There is NO other client/server solution anywhere that matches CodeBase's ability to give you a truly affordable client/server solution. So whether you want to develop a high-performance client/server solution, or simply a standalone application, CodeBase is the right tool for you.

Size & Compatibility

Size matters -- smaller is better! Not only is CodeBase much faster than BDE, but it also has a much smaller footprint as well. The CodeBase engine requires only 1/5th of the resources needed to run BDE! This translates into programs that load faster and reduce the strain on system resources. Your end users will notice the difference when programs load quickly and respond instantly to database operations.

Plus, if you need support for FoxPro or Clipper data files you'll be out of luck, because BDE only supports the dBASE format. CodeBase supports FoxPro, Clipper, in addition to dBASE file compatibility.

These are just some of the reason's why BDE users switch to the CodeBase engine, which provides an easy-to-use API, great performance, compact size, lots of flexibility, and 100% xBASE file compatibility. Try it free for 30 days and find out for yourself why professional programmers always choose CodeBase for their database applications.

CodeBase for Kylix Developers

Wine GobletCodeBase for Kylix was specifically designed for Kylix users developing on Linux systems. Because CodeBase is available for both Kylix and Delphi, you can use the same source code to develop applications for either Linux or Windows. Both versions use the same easy-to-learn API so you can port applications across platforms without having to change any of your CodeBase function calls.

CodeBase for Kylix features the same functionality, high performance and small footprint as CodeBase for Delphi with the exception of a few differences. CodeBase for Kylix is currently available only in standalone configuration and file compatibility support is limited to the FoxPro file format. CodeBase for Delphi supports FoxPro, Clipper and dBASE file formats in both client/server and standalone.

If you are a Kylix developer and require client/server or file compatibility with Clipper or dBASE, then please let us know so we can guage whether there is enough of a demand for future versions/updates.

Follow this link for sample Delphi code and CodeBase function list

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We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products allowing you to evaluate the full version of CodeBase without any risk or obligation. Give CodeBase a try and start bringing superior database functionality to all your applications.

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