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File System Add On

Add File Encryption and Compression to existing or new CodeBase applications

This product fully integrates the key features of the CodeBase File System into the CodeBase library. Since the CodeBase API remains the same you can seamlessly and quickly add file encryption, file compression or both to your existing CodeBase Applications. Included is support for encrypting and compressing all file types including data, index and memo files.

You can choose to encrypt and compress all your files or only the select files you wish.


  • 8, 128, 192, or 256-bit encryption options are available.
  • US Government approved AES encryption algorithms.
  • Files are encrypted on disk, meaning sensitive data is protected.
  • Use of Encryption is optional.
  • An 80% size reduction is common.
  • On files which compress well, speed is improved because less disk activity is required.
  • Compression is optional: use as needed.
  • Works in conjunction with the most popular CodeBase products, including CodeBase for Windows, CodeBase Bundle for Windows & .NET, CodeBase SQL 2.0, and CodeBase for JDBC 3.0.
  • Supports all popular development environments including C, C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic, Delphi, and Java.

Source Code Included

The CodeBase File System for Windows Add On includes source code absolutely free. However, due to government regulation, the source code to the 128, 192 and 256 bit encryption portions of the product are included only in the United States and Canada.


The CodeBase File System™ Add On For Windows can be distributed free from royalties with your application.


CodeBase Software also offers consulting services for this product. If your needs require in depth explanations, more advanced functionality, additional features, or support for other operating systems, we can help by customizing a solution just for you.

Order Now

Use our Pricing and Orders page to order this product. Please specify the operating system, development environment, and encryption level you are using in the comment section of the order form. If you require support for more than one operating system, development environment, or encryption level, please email our sales department to obtain the price.

If you have any questions or require any clarifications about this product, please send an email to our sales department.

CodeBase File System Add On Features
Easy Deployment
Small Footprint
Royalty-Free Distribution
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Technical Support
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