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Powerful Sorting for Developers

RapidSort™ gives programmers high-capacity, high-speed, flexible sorting for their development needs.

Many developers realize that adding large capacity, high-speed sorting to their projects can be a daunting task. But with RapidSort, powerful sorting capabilities can now be added to any C, C++, Visual Basic, or Delphi applications quickly and easily.

This is accomplished by our enhanced sorting algorithm based on the quicksort and mergesort algorithms. Depending on the circumstance, one or both methods will be used, which makes sorting much faster and more efficient than the simple traditional sorting methods.


High-speed sorting Our highly optimized sorting algorithm allows data to be sorted extremely quickly. Whether the amount of data to be sorted is one kilobyte or hundreds of gigabytes, with CodeBase Sort you can be sure of lightning fast sort speeds
High-capacity sorting The amount of data that can be sorted is virtually limitless. Sort terabytes of data at a time! The only limitation is the size of the hard drive space available on your system
Flexible sorting capabilities The flexible sorting module accepts custom comparison functions allowing virtually any data type to be sorted, including user defined data types. For example, you can sort character sets properly for international languages
Additional Data Attach additional information to sort data. For example, you can attach a reference back to the original data in order to save storage space and processing time
Source Code Included Allows you to modify the code to suit your needs
Portable Available for C/C++, Visual Basic 6 and Delphi on Windows, Unix and Linux.
Royalty-Free Distribution Distribute your applications without having to pay any royalties
30-day money back guarantee If you are not satisfied with our product, we will refund your purchase
Support Subscription Free Technical Support with the included Basic Support Subscription.
  • 30 days telephone support
  • 60 days e-mail support
  • 60 days entitlement to the current release, plus minor and major Rapidsort releases. This includes all bug fixes, as well as product enhancements and improvements.
  • Availability

    Current pricing and order information for this product as well as our full product line can be found on our Pricing and Orders page.

    If you have any questions or require any clarifications about this product, please send an email to our sales department.

    RapidSort Features
    • High-speed sorting
    • High-capacity sorting
    • Flexible sorting capabilities
    • Additional Sort Data
    • Source Code Included
    • Portable
    • Royalty-Free Distribution
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • International languages
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