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CodeBase SQL 2.0 for Windows

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CodeBase SQL 2.0 is a high performance, comprehensive SQL database solution.

Under Windows, you can use CodeBase SQL 2.0 with all popular development tools and applications. This includes Visual Basic, ADO, VB.NET, ADO.NET, ODBC, ODBC.NET, C/C++, C++.NET, C# (CSharp), Visual C++, Delphi, Borland C++Builder, ASP.NET, PHP, Crystal Reports, Access and more.

CodeBase SQL 2.0 currently supports the following configurations:

  • Single-user
  • Networked Multi-user
  • Client-Server

Java programmers interested in using SQL through JDBC should refer to CodeBase for JDBC 2.1.

CodeBase SQL 2.0 Feature Set

New Features Added for CodeBase SQL 2.0

  • ADO.NET support, including VB.NET, C# (CSharp), C++.NET, and ODBC.NET
  • PHP and ASP.NET Support
  • Transaction processing
  • User defined stored procedures
  • Crystal Reports 9
  • Auto increment field support
  • Improved deleted row handling
  • Exposing of the record number as a key field
  • Trim blanks feature

xBASE File Compatibility

  • FoxPro
  • dBASE
  • Clipper

All of the standard xBASE data types (Character, Numeric, Logical, etc.) have been logically mapped to corresponding ODBC data types, assuring full xBASE compatibility.

CodeBase SQL 2.0 is multi-user file compatible with FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Clipper and dBASE.

High Speed Data Access

CodeBase SQL 2.0 brings the raw speed of the CodeBase engine to ODBC. For example, using Visual Basic and ADO, you can read a 10,000-record table in just 1.02 seconds on a P350 machine.

The CodeBase provider employs a number of methods to optimize communication efficiency. This is critical to improving client/server database performance, especially over the Internet, where bandwidth is always a limiting factor:

  • Parsing and executing the SQL queries directly on the server eliminate the need to transfer large sets of data to the client for local processing, reducing network traffic and lock contention.
  • CodeBase employs advanced multi-threading and multi-processing techniques to maximize server performance and reduce response times to client requests.
  • Compression is used to reduce network traffic and improve speed.

You also get all the great database and performance features that are a part of the standard CodeBase engine.

ODBC 2.5 compliant, ODBC 3.0 compatible

Conforms to ODBC 2.5 CORE API and Level 1 API, also supports most of the Level 2 function calls.

For full conformance information, see CodeBase SQL 2.0 Conformance

Windows Operating Systems

32-bit systems only

  • Single-user/Multi-User/Client: Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003
  • CodeBase SQL Database Server: Windows 7, Vista, 2008, 2003

Scalable Database Access Model

CodeBase SQL 2.0 includes support for building standalone or client/server applications. Standalone applications make direct file access to database files stored locally or on a network share. Client/server applications connect to the CodeBase Database Server.

Ease of Installation and Distribution

Included are setup programs that you can distribute with your applications for installing the ODBC drivers and the CodeBase Database Server.

For those who prefer to incorporate the drivers as part of their application's setup program, they will find the task made simpler by the small number of DLL files.

Small Footprint

Concurrent support

Use CodeBase SQL 2.0 through a wide variety of development tools (compilers, RAD tools, report writers) and end-user applications including the following:

  • ODBC and ODBC .NET
  • PHP 4.0.x and newer
  • C, C++, VB, Delphi, Java, C# (CSharp) and VB.NET
  • Crystal Reports

CodeBase SQL 2.0 can also be used in conjunction with other tools and APIs due to multi-user file compatibility:

  • CodeBase Engine API
  • FoxPro, Visual FoxPro

Transactions With Support for Isolation Levels

Isolation levels simplify multi-user database programming by providing developers well-defined control over how multiple users access shared databases. CodeBase supports four isolation levels with transactions:

  • Read Uncommitted
  • Read Committed
  • Repeatable Read
  • Serializable

Virtually Unlimited Database Size

The maximum table size is 2.1 billion records.

The maximum size of index files, which contain sort information, is 4096 gigabytes. Also, our index files support compression to improve speed and save on disk space, which further increases capacity. We estimate that a table containing four indexes, each built on a 15 character field, could support approximately 125 billion records.

Royalty-free distribution

Support Subscription

Free Technical Support with the included Basic Support Subscription.

  • 30 days telephone support
  • 60 days e-mail support
  • 60 days entitlement to the current release, plus minor and major CodeBase for SQL releases. This includes all bug fixes, as well as product enhancements and improvements.


CodeBase SQL 2.0 is made available via electronic download only, and is covered under our 30-day Money-Back Guarantee. You can order the CodeBase SQL 2.0 through our Pricing and Order page.

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