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UnixCodeBase® for Unix is the award-winning, high-speed, full-featured programmable database engine for Unix developers. Build high-performance database applications in single or multi-user configurations with powerful features including transaction processing, logging, backup, high-speed queries, and more. Runtime distributions are royalty-free allowing you create applications and deploy them freely.

How fast is CodeBase for Unix? Query a table with 1,000,000 records in 0.25 seconds! Read 250,000 records in 0.39 seconds! Append 10,000 records in 0.32 seconds! In addition, CodeBase has very low disk and memory requirements which translates to fast loading applications using less system resources. We also include the source code allowing you to build streamlined applications even smaller!

CodeBase for Unix is available in two versions, one for Intel-based systems, and one for non-Intel systems. Both versions include CodeBase for Windows.

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Which UNIX versions are supported with CodeBase?

CodeBase has been successfully tested under the following UNIX platforms:

Non-Intel UNIX Intel-based UNIX
Dec Alpha
Solaris x86

If your platform is not listed, we offer to support any platform that we haven't specifically tested on, providing that you allow us to Telnet into your system in order to test CodeBase.

Language Support
C and C++ are both supported.
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64-bit add-on Add support for 64-bit versions of HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and Itanium.

We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products allowing you to evaluate the full version of CodeBase without any risk or obligation. Give CodeBase a try and start bringing superior database functionality to all your applications.

Current pricing and order information for this product as well as our full product line can be found on our Pricing and Orders page.

CodeBase for UNIX Features
Flexible Engine API
High Performance
FoxPro/dBASE/Clipper File Compatible
Easy Deployment
Small Footprint
Precision Query Technology™
International Languages
Source Code Included
Royalty-Free Distribution
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Technical Support
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