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Free Technical Support

All registered CodeBase products include a free basic support subscription with product purchase.

Basic Support Subscription
FREE30 days telephone support
FREE60 days e-mail support
FREE60 days entitlement to the current release, plus minor and major releases. This includes bug fixes, as well as product enhancements and improvements.

Refer to the CodeBase Premium Support Subscription if your basic subscription has expired or if you wish to upgrade your support.

Latest Release and Maintenance Builds

A first step to resolving many problems is to ensure you have the latest release or maintenance build of your CodeBase product. Newer releases and maintenance builds include support for newer compilers and operating systems as well as fixing reported bugs in the product.

The most recent release and maintenance builds along with reports of any bugs in the product are available from the download page for your product. Refer to CodeBase Downloads for details.

Self Help Resources

CodeBase Knowledge Base

This is the quickest and most accurate way to receive an answer to common questions.

CodeBase Newsgroup

Although we recommend enquiring with our support or sales department to answer sales and support questions, the CodeBase newsgroup is available for discussing topics with other CodeBase users.

Technical Support Enquiries

Our technical support staff will do our best to answer your questions. Please fill out the technical support form to submit your question. Visit our Contact Page for other methods of contacting Sequiter Software.

If you are unsure if your question can be addressed to technical support, please refer to Sequiter Software's Technical support policy.

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